Ports Are Never Blocked with FlexUSB

USB drives, card readers and other products can block nearby ports. Simply plug your USB device into a FlexUSB so it can rotate and lock into any position, freeing blocked ports. USB devices can be moved into a safe position beside the PC and no longer take up excess space.

With FlexUSB, no cables are required

Frequently, card readers and other USB accessories won’t fit into your USB port so you are forced to carry a cable. With FlexUSB, your accessory can connect into any computer’s USB port, regardless of how they are arranged and FlexUSB holds the device in place.


Price: From $11.99

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Works on All Platforms
FlexUSB™ is designed to work on both Windows and Mac platforms, and with all USB devices, including USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed).

• Card Reader

• Hub

• Camera

• Flash Drive

• Printer

• More . . .

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